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David Grand Komnenos

Author(s) : Vougiouklaki Penelope (10/18/2003)
Translation : Panou Eirini

For citation: Vougiouklaki Penelope, "David Grand Komnenos",
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Δαβίδ Μέγας Κομνηνός (3/20/2009 v.1) David Grand Komnenos (4/4/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table

Between 1407 and 1409: Birth of David Grand Komnenos

c. 1429: First marriage of David Grand Komnenos to Maria of Gothia, daughter of the ruler of Theodoro, Alexios. David receives the title of despotes

1447: By order of his brother, E. John IV Grand Komnenos (1429-1458), David is put at head of the military expedition against the Genoese trade colonies of Crimaea and Kaffa

1458: David is sent to the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II in Adrianople as the delegate of E. John IV/ Ascent to the throne of Trebizond

January 13, 1460: Letter of Pope Pius II to the duke of Burgundy Philip the Good, promoting the adoption of a common policy against the Ottoman expansion

June 1461: Sultan Mehmed II launches a campaign in the Black Sea region

August 15, 1461: David surrenders the city of Trebizond to Mehmed II

March 26, 1463: David is arrested, along with his sons and his nephew Alexios V. They are imprisoned in Yedikule at Constantinople

November 1, 1463: David, his sons and nephew Alexios V are executed in Yedikule

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